quarta-feira, 19 de julho de 2006


my publications are a result of my apprantice experience as researcher in the requirements engeneering lab [LER] from computer science center of UFPE. i was orientated by professor ph.d jaelson castro and two students of the UFPE's doctor program, ricardo argenton and carla silva. the fields explored were requirements engeneering and software engeneering focused on the aspect oriented software development.

here they are: [i hope i can have more as soon as possible]

  1. "Avaliação da Qualidade de Documentos de Requisitos Orientado a Aspectos" [Quality Evaluation of Aspect Oriented Requirements Documents], IDEAS, 2006. [link]
  2. "Towards an Aspect Oriented Modeling in Multi-agent Systems", WASP, 2006. [link]

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